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No matter where in the world you travel, your heart shall aways be tied to your home country.  For me, that is Trinidad and Tobago.  I attended primary school at Tunapuna Boys’ R.C. School and finished my O-Level and A-Level studies at Hillview College on El Dorado Road in Tunapuna.  Since then, I completed my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism at New York University and my Juris Doctor at Pace Law in White Plains, New York.

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work with the largest institutions in the world.  I started my employment at CBS Television Network as a production lead; worked as a vice-president of marketing and communications for JPMorgan Investor Services and most recently as a marketing and communications leader at International Business Machines, at its headquarters in Armonk, NY.

But no matter where life takes you, your heart strings still tug for your home. I have established a thriving divorce and family practice in New York, I went back to get a second law degree at the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica so that I could practice law in the Caribbean – focused on my homeland Trinidad and Tobago.

Thousands of Trinidad and Tobago citizens and their descendants live and thrive in and around New York City. Many of you have legal matters there that I can help you with right here.

If you or a relative need legal guidance in Trinidad and Tobago and reside in the New York Metro area, please allow me the opportunity to help your case.  I have a team of dedicated lawyers that I work with in both New York and Trinidad and Tobago that can help guide you through the toughest of legal challenges.

Attorney Fred Clarke in a court room in Trinidad and Tobago

Corporate, Commercial & Business Transactions

Finding new markets for your business and products is essential for success in this new global economy. The Trinidad and Tobago entrepreneur has a lot to offer the U.S. market. Because of my years in business development, marketing, and communications with the largest companies in the world, we can help put the right people at the table so that you can successfully complete that next step towards expansion and growth.

Family Law

I focus heavily in this area in New York State. However, many times Family Law can have cross-border implications, especially when children and equitable distribution of property are involved. Let us uncomplicate these complex issues, so that you can move forward with your lives and livelihoods. Get help with adoption, divorce, child support, custody, legal separation, and spousal support.

Property Law

Time and time again we hear stories of first- and second-generation descendants in New York having to deal with their parents or grand-parents real property issues back in Trinidad and Tobago. It is one thing to open the Yellow Pages and retain an attorney in a foreign land of which you may not have the contacts or connections to follow up on progress in your matter.  It is quite another thing to have an attorney in New York, who you can call and touch to manage your affairs there, properly right here. I can help with conveyances, disputes, tenancies, and contracts.

Inheritance Law

The mass migration of Trinidad and Tobago citizens in the fifties and sixties to the New York area has resulted in many people building and owning assets in both countries. When it comes to preparing a will, it is possible that you might end up having to retain two sets of attorneys to manage what you intend to pass along.  And for executors of these wills, the challenges become even further complicated with property and laws transcending both jurisdictions. Allow us the opportunity for our team in both countries to help you navigate the complexities in this regard. We can work together on wills and probate.

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